Excitement Fuels Stamina

I have become increasingly interested in learning more about turning students into passionate readers. I've read quite a bit on the topic and am currently in the middle of Passionate Readers by Pernille Ripp and Readicide by Kelly Gallagher. 

(Truthfully, it's not about "turning" students into passionate readers, it's about "returning" them to being passionate readers. When students first learn to read, they are excited about reading. The challenge is sustaining that excitement throughout their school years and beyond.)

This morning, while listening to a podcast, one teacher said that "excitement fuels stamina." This got me thinking about how excitement also fuels sustained interest - especially genuine, authentic interest. In essence, excitement fuels the development of passionate readers. 

I believe the reflection which should come from this would be which of our current practices generates excitement about literature? How often do we allow students the opportunity to talk about what they read? How often do we talk to our students about what we're reading?

This is a deep, complex topic, but I hope the thoughts here help spur some reflection for you as it has for me.

Thanks for reading!

(This post was an email sent to staff on January 7, 2020.)

Doug Dunn is superintendent and principal of a small K-8 school in rural, south central Missouri. He can be found on Twitter at DougDunnEdS.